Arkid Blue (Indoor)

Bouganvalia "timma"group

Adinium obisium (Out door plant)

H.T.Miniature Rose   
(Flowering Variety)

Singpoor Red (Ornamental flowering plant - outdoor)

  Exora Minichare (Outdoor flowering variety)   Ixora Variety (Flowering variety)

Flowering variety (Seasonal plants) Euphorbia Pulcherrima Plenissima "fkanubg sogere" (Flowering variety)

    Jarbecra (Flowering variety)

Poincitiy Dwarf
(Ornamental variety)

Arkids Variety (Indoor)

Arkid (Indoor - ornamental cut flower variety)

Aamthorium(Flowering variety)

Ixora Singpoorenses White, (Flowring variety)


Spathipilam (Flowering variety-

Cana Group (Flowring Variety)
Adinium obisium (new ornamental)

Impatens (Indoor plant)

Helconiya, Cut flower variety


Bouganvaliea Tarch Glow Varigata, Flower variety


Pink Mussandra, Ornamental flower variety

Helconia Pink gengere, Cut flower variety
Iperbiya Milli (ornamental variety)



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